Our Process:

At Tuve Investments we bring you best in class individualized financial strategies, specially designed to help you meet your goals. Below you will find an outline of our wealth management processes. These processes always begin with a thorough analysis of your complete financial picture and the creation of a personal wealth plan. We will monitor your progress with you though regular personal reviews.

Our Insurance Process:

The insurance world is one that many people do not get very excited about. However, most people realize that insurance can play an important role in helping them realize their financial goals and protect their loved ones. This is why we have developed our unique and innovative approach to providing insurance solutions. We provide three primary lines of insurance protection which include Life Insurance, Long Term Care, and Disability Income. Within these areas we have developed processes to ensure you receive the best value for your premium dollar.

Our Investment Process:

Our investment process is based on fifty years of cutting-edge financial research from leading academic scholars. Years of research have uncovered valuable information about how markets work and ways to potentially improve your investment results by reducing risk while enhancing returns.

We design our investment portfolios based on this research and stay updated on the latest findings so that we can implement them in our client's portfolios. To implement these findings we utilize low cost institutional class investment vehicles. We use  firms such as Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to provide low-cost investment strategies and solutions.

In implementing our portfolio design, we utilize tax management strategies to reduce portfolio turnover and harvest tax losses where it makes sense. Through our tax sensitive investment strategies we can greatly reduce the returns that are lost to taxes.

We design investment portfolios based on the following five principles:
  1. Risk and Return are related. (There is no free lunch)
  2. Mixing low and non-correlated asset classes reduces portfolio risk.
  3. Asset allocation is the primary determinant of investment performance.
  4. Attempts to time the market neither increase returns or decrease risk.
  5. Over time, an appropriate level of international exposure provides increased returns and lower risk as compared to a domestic only portfolio.
As with all of our services our investment portfolios are individually tailored to meet the needs of each client. As your situation changes, we will make the necessary adjustments to meet your needs.

Life Insurance:

Life Insurance is a critical financial asset for many people and can play many different roles in the financial planning process. Traditionally, the Life Insurance marketplace has not been consumer friendly as agents represented only one or a small handful of companies. At Tuve Investments, we take a different approach to life insurance that is completely company neutral and provides our clients access to over 80 different insurance carriers so that you can rest assured that we are working in your best interest.

Many policy holders and trustees fail to review the performance of their life insurance policies. Like an investment portfolio an insurance portfolio should be reviewed regularly to ensure the policy is performing as planned and is still the most competitive in the marketplace. With advances in medical science, life expectancies have dramatically increased, and this has resulted in many policy holders overpaying for coverage. To help make sure you have the most competitive solution in the market we can provide a comprehensive Life Insurance Audit. To learn more about our Life Insurance Audit contact Tuve Investments today.

Disability Insurance:

For many people, their most valuable asset is their ability to earn an income. Despite this fact, many people fail to protect this asset with disability income insurance.

We work closely with our clients to develop a disability income strategy that will protect their family, business, and their lifestyle. With access to many innovative solutions, we can help you protect what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Long Term Care Insurance:

With life expectancies increasing at an amazing rate, the need for long term medical services such as home health, assisted living, and nursing home care has never been greater. This demand has driven the annual cost of nursing care to more than $66,000 per year. In order protect the assets you have spent your life building and ensure that you receive the care you desire, Long Term Care Insurance can play a critical role.

We provide access to the country's top Long Term Care Insurance providers and can shop the marketplace to get you the best value.

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